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CDRv5 Architecture

image for CDRV5 Achitecture
The CDRV5 solution is based on three major components:
  1. CDR/CPM sources
    The CDRv5 sources provide Call Progress Messages (CDRs) and Call Detail Records (CDRs) in various formats. CDRv5 can accommodate multiple source and multiple formats. This allows you to collect information not only from toll-free calls but also from other source of records such as billing records, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) calls and Web chats.

  2. CDRv5 Server
    The CDRv5 Server collects and store call records in a high performance storage system increasing the call volume performance. Each site needs one CDRv5 Server.

  3. CDRv5 Client
    The CDRv5 Client (s) connect to the CDRv5 Server and synchronize call records into a MS-SQL server relational database management system (RDMBS). Each CDRv5 Client can have its own RDBMS for high performance requirements or could connect to an existing CDRv5 Database.

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