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Installation and Configuration – CDRv5 Server

image for CDRV5 Server Installation Instruction
  1. Obtain the ZIP conmtaining the CDRv5Server programs. Normally the file is downloaded from download page.
  2. Create a new folder on your computer where to extract the ZIP files. Note that the folder name and location cannot be changed. For example: "C:\CDRv5Server"
  3. Extract the ZIP files into the new folder.
  4. The package contains a file called "SiteAdminVCL.EXE". This application is all you need to configure, monitor and use the application:
    • Optionally, you can create a shortcut and place it on your desktop. Right-click on "SiteAdminVCL.EXE" and click on "Create shortcut". Move the shortcut to the desktop.
    • Optionally, you can pin "SiteAdminVCL.EXE" to the taskbar. Right-click on "SiteAdminVCL.EXE" and click on "Pin to Taskbar".
    • Optionally, you can pin to the Start menu. Right-click on "SiteAdminVCL.EXE" and click on "Pin to Start"

NOTE: Uninstalling the application requires you to 1) uninstall the service and 2) delete the folder.

Initial Configuration Procedures (Getting Started) CDRv5 Customer Server site configuration or re-configuration can be done at any time using "SiteAdminVCL.EXE". However, the first time you launch the application, the program will guide you through the basic configuration steps:
  1. Launch "SiteAdminVCL.EXE" by double-clicking on its icon
  2. Answer "YES" to "Would you like to configure now?” If necessary, the application will automatically restart in "Run as Administrator" elevated mode.
  3. The "Site Configuration Wizard" allows to 1) create a new feed 2) configure server IP address, 3) install the service and 4) finish the process.
  4. Configure a new feed: You configure a CDRv5Collector or a Telco feed. The feed name is a user-friendly name that you assign yourself. The IP Address, Port number, User Account and Pass code (key) must be entered exactly as provided by your CDRv5Collector administrator of your telco.
  5. Server IP Address: Select the IP address that will be used to serve the CDRv5 Client application. CDRv5 Customer Server can serve only one subnet.
  6. Service Installation: The next step will install and start the "TrillysCdrService" (implemented using "TrillysSystemsCDRService.exe").
  7. Click "Finish". To return to SiteAdmin.
  8. Click on "Tasks > Manage > License".
  9. Click on the "+" sign to import all the licenses you have purchased.
  10. For each of the licenses, enter the associated "Key" under the Key column.
  11. Select the License that starts with "TrillysSystemsCdrService..." and click on "Assign to Site".
  12. Optionally, for the other licenses, you can Grant Access to each other license to specific computers using their computer names. This step can also be done later.
  13. Using the tab sheet, click on "System > Service Status". Under the "Service Manager", click on the green arrow to start the service. If the green arrow does not show, click on the red dot to stop the service. The green arrow will appear. Click on it to start the service with the proper license file assigned.

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