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CDRv5Dashboard is a mobile application that provides an overview of the performance of a call centre. The statistics allow the user to monitor basic metrics.

CDRv5Dashboard receives its data from the CDRv5Collector.

Installation [Version 1.0.3 (5.0.10)]


CDRv5Dashboard for iOS is available for download from the Apple App Store.

Android 9

Click here to download CDRv5Dashboard for Android (32 bit only).


Click here to download CDRv5Dashboard for Windows.

Create an installation folder.

Extract the files from the ZIP file into the newly created folder.

Run CDRv5Dashboard.exe


In most cases, you need to setup the four connectivity parameters provided by your CDRv5Collector admninistrator. Using the menu, go to "Connection Settings". In most cases, the default "Crypto" parameters will work unless overriden by your feed provider.


Just turn on the switch to receive your stats.

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