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CDRv5 Client – Help

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CDRv5 Client Help Overview

The CDRv5 Application provides various tools to help the user use it efficiently.

  1. Hints (or bubble). Ensure the "Options > Show Hints" is selected. Move the mouse cursor over a control. Observe the hint text popping up.
  2. Quick Help. Enable the quick help feature by clicking on "Options > Show Quick Help Panel". Observe the appearance and the content of the Quick Help panel as you change context.
  3. Help. This feature provides a list of important topics on the left panel and an expandable list of detailed topics on the right panel. Click on any topic to bring up a text document (using WordPad).
  4. On-line tutorial. Navigate to "Help > Tutorial" and click on "Start Tutorial". Internet access is required for this feature to work. The tutorial is organized in a hierarchy of topics. The help is supported with video and graphics.

Customize your Quick Help Contents and Viewing

You can customize the contents of the Quick Help text. Right-click the Quick Help panel and select "Annotate". An editing window will appear and you will be able to record your own contents. After you save your editing, the annotated text will show whenever you select the context. At any time, you can revert to the default by right-clicking and selecting "Restore to default".

You can drag-and-dock the help panel in and out of the main CDRv5 Client work area. Doing so will allow you to set a position and a size of your choice for the Quick Help panel.

You can view the Quick Help content using WordPad. Right-click and select "View using WordPad". The WordPad window will stay until you manually close it. Even if the context changes, the WordPad window will be fixed (unlike the integrated Quick Help panel).

CDRv5 Client Help About

Navigate to "Help > About" to obtain the product and version information of the CDRv5 Client application. The version information is useful for troubleshooting and support.

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