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CDRv5 Server System Errors

image for CDRV5 server system error
Configuring Error Reporting

The purpose of this page is to display systems errors, warnings and information messages.

Error recording is determined by the error configuration set in "Configuration > Error Reporting" as depicted in the following image:

Each error capturing and reporting option provides different benefits. For example:
  • "Use Event Log" reports system events in the Windows Event log. The storage and processing of these events is managed by Windows. It can be integrated with third party solutions for further notifications such as pager, email, and other corporate support solutions.
  • "Use Local File" provides a local file event recording. The storage limit is determined by a configured file size of your choice. This log will include software error reporting.
  • "Use Form" (SiteAdmin only) is a real-time error reporting mechanism which connects the TrillysCdrService to SiteAdminVcl GUI to provide a real-time view of CDRv5 messages.

Viewing Errors

You can navigate to "System > Errors" to go to the error viewing pages.

  • "System Events" page will extract the Windows Events to report only the CDRv5 entries. It will limit the number of entries to the settings “Event Log Entries to Read’. The entries will be shown in descending chronological order. You need to click on “Load Event Log’ to update the list.
  • "Log File" page will extract the local error log file. The entries are shown in ascending chronological order. You need to click the “Load Error Log File" button to update the list.
  • "CDRv5 Errors (CMA)" page will report run-time errors including software defects. It uses an in-memory (CMA-Common Memory Area) mechanism to exchange information between the TrillysCdrService and the SiteAdminVcl GUI. This mechanism provides the ability to detect problems faster. The chronological display order is configurable.

Other features

  • Quick Access to Windows Event Viewer. Right-click on the SiteAdminVcl icon pinned on the taskbar and select Event Viewer to start the Windows Event Viewer.

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