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CDRv5 Server – Storage Management

image for CDRV5 Server Storage Management
Storage Management Overview

The CDRv5 server is responsible to receive, store and transmit call records (CDRs and CPMs). It acts as a long term backup for the call records. This backup is used by the CDRv5 Clients to synchronize and recover their database.

The storage uses a flat file system. The storage root folder is configurable. By default, it is under ‘..\Storage’ which is a sub-folder of the TrillysCdrService executable.

The storage folder should have enough disk space to meet your requirements. You need to consider your daily call record volume and your desired storage duration (in days). Each call will use roughly 400 bytes. From this parameter, you can calculate the disk space required to store your data. If you are a high volume / high performance user, you need to consider your storage hardware specifications as well.

You can change storage folder. However, his process will interrupt the service. Relocating the backup file could be a long process depending of your current storage volume.

Storage Concepts

The storage supports real-time storage of call records where call records as they are received. Call records data is saved in blocks of one hour (using GMT) using the call release time for CDR and calling time for CPMs.

In addition, it supports the recovery of call records when re-transmitted from sources for recovery. Recovery may be required after connectivity interruptions or computer shutdowns or on demand. This concept is implemented in the form of hourly file versioning. The first file (real-time) is version 1. Subsequent recovered hours will be saved in subsequent version number. Version maps are summary files of latest hourly file version. Version Map files used by the CDRv5 Client to only recover data that is out-of-date.

Storage Structure

The root folder of the storage is configurable. The structure of the storage is as follows:

  • For each feed defined in the system, a sub-folder is created. The sub-folder is named by the feed ID, underscore and the telco name.
  • Under each feed folder, there are CDR Version Map, CPM Version Map, CDR sub-folder, and CPM sub-folder.
  • In the CDR sub-folder are the hourly files storing the CDRs.
  • In the CPM sub-folder are the hourly files storing the CPMs.

Storage Configuration

Navigate to ‘Storage | Configuration’ to configure the backup file location and the storage duration. Changing a storage location requires shutting down the ‘TrillysCdrService’ causing an interruption and requiring a recovery and re-synchronization. After selecting a new storage folder, you will be presented the following prompt:

  • Click ‘Yes’ to move the existing backup fil es to the new folder.
  • Click ‘No’ to create a new empty storage. It will leave the original files intact. However, the CDRv5 Clients will lose the ability to recover and re-synchronize data.
  • Click ‘Cancel’ to keep the original storage folder configuration.

Storage File Viewers

Navigate to ‘Storage | File Contents’ or ‘Storage | Version Info’ to view the contents of the CDR/CPM backup file or the Verions Map file. To select the proper file, refer to the Storage Structure topic.

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