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CDRV5 Server Overview

image for CDRV5 server overview
Implementation (From installed files)

The CDRv5 Server is implemented using two modules:
  • TrillysSystemsCDRService.exe’ which implements the ‘TrillysCdrService’ as shown in the Windows Service applet below.
  • SiteAdminVCL.exe’ which implement the graphical user interface (GUI) to configure and monitor the CDRv5 server.

GUI Organization (See picture)

The GUI is organized in the following section: Any parameter can also be reconfigured at any time.
  • Caption and Menu
  • Dashboard
  • Page Control
  • Work Area
  • Status Bar

Caption and Menu

In addition of the application name, the form caption will also provide your software license information. While the page organization takes the functional approach, the menu system provides a task-oriented access to various functions. 


Navigation using Tab Sheets

The page control permits to access tab sheets quickly. The page organization is as follows:

System | Service Status Controls the CDRv5 service (install, uninstall, start stop).
Requires Administrative privilege.
Monitors connectivity and communications for data feeds and CDRv5 clients.
System | Errors Monitors error logs: in-memory, CDRv5 log file and Windows Event log pertaining to CDRv5. (Each error logs provides specific information that can be used for troubleshooting)
System | Software Update Provides software update features from a Web site (requires Internet access) or from a file folder.
License | Management Imports license files and enable licenses. Assigns licenses to specific CDRv Client computers. Monitors CDRv5 Clients requests to obtain licenses.
Configuration | Connectivity Configures IP address and port numbers for the CDRv5 Server Modules:
  • Real-time
  • Data Management
  • License Management
  • Software Management
  • Auto-Discovery Configure software update Web site
Configuration | Error Reporting Configure error recording parameters for each type of error logs.
Feeds | Configuration | Legacy Configure feed connectivity parameters for toll-free service provided by Canadian Telcos OR flat-file (billing) records.
Feeds | CDR File Parser Configures input rules for flat-file (billing) records input formats.
Feeds |Monitor Monitors the status of the real-time call record feeds.
Feeds | Recovery Manages the recovery of the real-time call records from the Telco backup systems. This feature is when connectivity problems to the toll-free records feeds occur.
Storage | Configuration Indicate the folder where the backup files are located. These backup files are used by the Data Management module to synchronize call record data when the CDRv5 Clients connect to the CDRv5 Server.
Storage | File Contents Provides a viewer to explore the contents of the backup files. This feature is useful for troubleshooting.
Storage | Version Info Provides a viewer to explore the control files used by the Data Management module for data synchronization. This feature is useful for troubleshooting.

Other Useful Features

  • Options | UI Style will allow you to pick a color theme for the GUI
  • The ‘Tasks’ menu allows you to go directly to a tab sheet based on an activity
  • If you pin the ‘SiteAdminVcl.exe” application to the taskbar, you can right-click on to access useful Windows system functions such as ‘Service’ applet or ‘Event Log Viewer’
  • The icon located on the task bar shows a transparent green bar indicating the current system load pertaining to the call record processing rate. This provides a glance of CDR record activity at all times
  • Clicking on the icon below the ‘File” menu will restart the SiteAdminVcl.exe with Administrator privilege. This will permit to manage service configuration functions
  • Hovering the mouse cursor over a control will cause a balloon hint to appear. This will provide additional useful information. This is particularly useful in the dashboard section

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