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CDRv5 Server – License Management

image for CDRV5 Server License Management

License Management Overview

The License Management page can be access from the menu using "Task > Manage > Licenses", or click on the tabs "License > Management". There are two types of licenses: The site license which is required to run CDRv5 Server, and client licenses used for the CDRv5 Clients computers.

License Management Process

A license requires a license file and a license key. The license file is generally downloaded from the web site. License files A license file has an ‘.INI’ file extension. The license key is sent to you by email and is formatted like ‘xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx’.. The key is necessary to enable the license. The license management process is as follows: 1) Download, 2) Import, 3) Assign.

  1. Download / copy the license files in a temporary folder.
  2. Import.
    • Click on the "+" button to select files to be imported;
    • Select one or many license files and click "Open"
    • The imported files will be added to the "License List" grid. For each license in the grid, paste or type the associated key under the "key" column. The key will be automatically validated. A green box around the cell indicates a valid key; a red box indicates an invalid key.
  3. Assign one license to CDRv5 Server.
    • Select a valid CDRv5 Server license file. Its file name looks like "TrillysSystemsCdrService_xxxxxxxxx". Assign that license to your site (i.e.; CDRv5 Server). Under the "License" column, the site license(s) will be inside a blue box. That license is valid only for a CDRv5 Server computer (local machine). Select that row and click on "Assign to Site".
  4. Assign licences to each CDRv5 Client(s). Assign For each CDRv5 Client computer in your site, you must assigning one CDRv5 Client license. Note that under the "License List" column, available licenses (unassigned) are inside a green box. Assigned licenses (unavailable) are inside a red box. Remember that licenses are assigned to computers (not users).
    • Choose an available client license. Ensure you provide a valid CDRv5 Client license in the cell under the "Key - Click column to select row". The cell border color should be green. If not, the license will not work.
    • In the "License Details" group, type the Windows computer name for the assignment.
    • Click ‘Grant Access’.

Other License Management Features

  • You can revoke a license by selecting a license and clicking "Revoke Access". Revoking a license makes it again available for assigning to a computer.
  • You can delete a license from the list by clicking "-" . This feature is useful to remove licenses that have expired.
  • The "License Requests" listbox lists computer names of CDRv5 Client application that unsuccessfully attempted to obtain a license. In other words, the CDRv5 Client application was installed on computers that are not licensed. You can either assign a license to these computers or request the remove the software from these computers.
  • When you assign a license, you can optionally record the name of the person using that computer.

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