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CDRv5 Data Flow

image for CDRV5 Architecture Workflow
  1. After the caller contacts your call centre, Call Progress Messages – CPMs - are generated and sent to the CDRv5 Server.

  2. When the call terminates, a Call Detail Record – CDR – is generated and transmitted.

  3. The CPMs and CDRs are collected by the CDRv5 Server component and stored in the file system.

  4. When the CDRv5 Client logs on and connects to the CDRv5 Server, a synchronization process takes place. Any CDRs and CPMs received by the CDRv5 Server since last disconnection are sent to the CDRv5 Client and stored in the CDRv5 Database.

  5. The CDRv5 Database (MS-SQL Server) is used to generate reports.

  • Only one CDRv5 Client "owns" the CDRv5 Database and is allowed to synchronize data. However, other CDRv5 Clients can connect and use that database for reporting purposes.

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